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The following are products that I can create or co-create with you and for you. Ultimately, my service is process. I listen, I learn, and I create in a way that represents you, your voice and your brand.



If you have writing in some stage of development—a novel, memoir, self-help book, screenplay, essay, or newsletter— whatever— large or small, and you need someone to help you refine the concept or draft into a finished product, I can do that. I can help you shape the idea, put flesh on your creative bones, be someone who’ll ask, “What if. . . ?” in a helpful way, and work with other professionals to see the process to a successful close. I love to feel excitement build as an idea that had been stymied, closed in the bud, suddenly begins to blossom.

Web Copy

Web copy is unlike other forms of writing. Your readers are skimming for impressions and maybe your contact information. You’ve got a few seconds of their time. You need compact, clear, and powerful copy that makes an immediate impression, including your brand—not just your logo, but also your core values, core promise and unique service, too. I can provide that.


Blogs vary in purpose, but generally they represent a more conversational engagement with your reader/prospect. Your voice needs to be clear, consistent, distinct, and firmly connected to your brand. I am an experienced ghostwriter. I can create content about your company, your service, that sounds like you. That saves you precious time to do the thousand other things that call for your attention.


Marketing Collateral

In addition to your website and your blog, from time to time, you produce other kinds of writing. Brochures, newsletters, flyers, job proposals, social media advertising, CVs, and cover letters all need to be written clearly and concisely in language that coordinates consistently with your brand. I do all this and team with trusted professionals where necessary to deliver what you need when you need it.